The Tools

Accountability Matrix

The Accountability Matrix discovers the core needs and functions that candidates need to fill.

The Accountability Matrix is a job description on steroids. This documents goes into detail about job buckets (items and tasks arranged into categories), where those tasks align with the priority of the company, an idea of where they should be spending their time.  The last piece are the success factors; what will we see if they person does their job well?  This document is used early in the selection process and throughout the life of the role.  The Accountability Matrix is the cornerstone of the Selection Process. 

Job Profile

Delineate the skills, abilities, and traits that the ideal candidate would have

The Job Profile are the details of the “Perfect Person” we create during the Selection Process. Included are all of the traits we deemed important and necessary in the role, the hierarchy of capabilities, and the interview questions related to the attributes.  This document is the guideline to identifying and interviewing based on the Accountability Matrix.

Specialized Assessments

Multiple assessments for each unique aspect of your hire

The Metiss Group’s suite of assessments is unique and world class. We measure candidates across 4 different sciences; behavior style, motivational insights, personal capabilities, and critical thinking. The four sciences we use paint a very in-depth picture of candidates and afford us insight into how the candidate is partially hard wired. These assessments are always paired with an expert debrief so there is no guessing involved.

Comparison Reports

In-depth analytics and carefully weighted metrics on your candidates

Once a candidate has made it through the Selection Process, now what?  We coordinate three meetings post hire to focus on important areas. The first is helping the candidate understand their assessment results and how to leverage strengths.  We help the new hires boss understand their personal assessment results and provide insight into their leadership style. And lastly, we have a joint meeting with the new hire and their boss to help them understand how to best communicate with each other and begin the trust process immediately. Coming out of this session, the working relationship is on the fast track. 

Make scientifically rigorous, statistically-driven decisions when recruiting for critical positions in your organization.